Daily Record, June 5, 2020

Marshall County Courthouse Court — Thursday • Rochelle Marie Hernandez made an initial appearance on a driving under suspension charge. Hernandez pleaded ...

Daily Record, June 4, 2020

Marshall County Courthouse Court — Wednesday • Timothy Edward Newman Palmer made an initial appearance on a possession of a controlled ...

Summer school to begin June 15

Summer school, or Bobcat University (BU), is going to look a lot different this summer. We are excited to share the new and improved BU with our students and ...

Destroyed by lightening

There was an explosion, followed by a crackling. The hair on the back of my head stood up. I was in the basement, working on my laptop computer. ...

Unity needed, not violent rioting

After viewing the video on television of the policeman putting his knee into the neck of a handcuffed George Floyd in Minneapolis until he died from suffocation, I ...

Everyone is guilty before God

Fisher is not effective

Universal takes first steps reviving Orlando theme park biz

Las Vegas reopens from historic coronavirus casino closure

Has the death of George Floyd changed your perception of police officers?

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