Daily Record

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

Nov. 16

• Leroy E. and Shirley R. Olsen to CIM Trust 2015 3AG Mortgage Backed Notes Series 20 and US Bank Trustee, 1805 W. Main St.

• Capital One Bank, Downey & Gantz DDS, Carol Ann Ealy, Evan Doyle Ealy, State of Iowa, Kenn’s Transmission Services, Lennox Employees Credit Union, Sheriff of Marshall County, City of Marshalltown, Pinnacle Bank and Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, 402 NewCastle Road

• Gregory D. and Mary K. Morris to Terry Joe Ritter, 711 E. Boone St.

• Roger Easton to Eileen and Mark Witt, 404 Main St., Clemons

• Ronald E. Hughes to Tha B. Paw and Win Thein, 503 E. Linn St.

• David Ford, Pamela S. Ford, Pamela S. Rhoads to Thomas Greenwood, 1503 W. State St.

Nov. 15

• Daycare Development LLC to Buckaroo LLC, 713 S. 12th St.

• Hansen Cooperative Housing Association to Buckaroo LLC, 401 E. Southridge Road, and 304 N. Third St.

• Clifford Dale Moler to Brian D. and Janice K. Appelgate, 1744 Wallace Ave., Green Mountain

• Danielle Marie Kaisand and Sheriff of Marshall County to Federal National Mortgage Association, 201 N. Webster St., Le Grand

• Patricia J. Williams to Allen E. and Billie Jean Brennecke, 2011 Elmcrest Drive

• Allen E. and Billie Jean Brennecke to Zachary G. Veren, 1706 Hopkins Ave., Clemons

• Ryan M. Wenzel to Miguel Negrete, 208 N. 14th Ave.

• Darleen R. Hofer to Daniel Hofer, 1102 S. Third Ave.

Nov. 8

• John Bunch Trustee, PBJ Trust to Kathy Bair, 2207 Wakefield Drive

• The Estate of Anna Boyd to Charles Boyd, 630 Ratcliffe Drive

• The Estate of Merle R. Starn to Christine L. Suchak, 1701 E. Nevada St.

• Cindy Ramirez and Eric J. Wilkening to Korey T. Bracy and Emma R. Smith, 203 Third St. SE, State Center

• Brookside Estates LLC to Summer D. Cooper and Thomas R. Cooper Jr., 514B E. Olive St. #404

• Judy M. and Lloyd F. Allen to Logan Thomas Frederick, 2704 Garwin Road

• The Estate of Wayne R. Beasley to Doris Tammen, 401 N. Fourth St.

Nov. 7

• The Estate of Ronald L. Spicer to Nancy A. Sebern, 708 Henry Drive

• Sandra L. Overman to Caitlin J. Laffoon and Nicole A. Wonders, 202 Fourth Ave. SE, State Center

• Priscilla Sletten to Sandra Charita Stanley, 804 Dearborn St., Liscomb

• Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Robert Backoff, 302 S. Sixth St.

• KW Johnson LLC to Kelly Mann and Maureen O’Toole, 108 N. 12th St.

Nov. 6

• Saphire Entertainment LLC to David E. Bierbrodt Reiser and Kenton R. Bierbrodt Reiser, 911 Iowa Ave. East

• Ryan Montague to David E. Bierbrodt Reiser and Kenton R. Bierbrodt Reiser, 907 Iowa Ave. East

• Dana Lynne and Scott A. Bailey to Scott A. Bailey, 602 Main St., Melbourne

Nov. 3

• Herbert S. and JoEllen S. Dickkut to Logan Jordan Miller, 2362 170th St.

• Travis David Grammer to Thomas J. Yetmar, 15 First Ave., Melbourne

• Investment Group Inc. to Anthony J. Giannetto, 300 S. Webster St., Le Grand

• Anthony J. Giannetto to Heather and Travis Castell, 300 S. Webster St., Le Grand

• Shane M. and Shaybree A. Goshon and Shaybree A. Lynk to Keith N. Nehring, 3202 S. 14th St.

• William D. Jackson to Lorena Andrade and Jose M. Ramirez, 408 W. Meadow Lane

• Gary Ray Stier to Eh Kaw, 517 N. Second St.

• US Bank to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 1505 W. State St.

• Jean M. Johnson to Mary J. Gifford, Douglas C. Johnson, Roger D. Johnson and Stephen C. Johnson, 311 Second St., LaMoille

• Nicole A. Wonders to Lorrie Riese, 1601 E. Nevada St.

Nov. 2

• Isaac and Kara Wildman to IKW LLC, 609 Marion St., and 1006 W. Lincoln Way

• Donna J. and Mark E. Marquess to Gage T. Fraser, 1213 Marshall Drive

Nov. 1

• Don Marker and Laurie Yacavona Marker to Lisa and Mark Ray, 101 and 105 Main St., Melbourne

• GMK Inc. to Win Kyaw, 9-11 E. State St.

• Ramona R. and Richard M. Sommerlot to Charlene L. and Michael E. Martin, 1071 Ingram Ave., Union

• Southco Inc. to Dejong Properties LLC, 1728 Prairie Ave.

• Beverlee Kay and Jerald J. Murphy to Debra Lee and John K. Allen, 1053 250th St., State Center

• Nicholas E. Hanke to Carla and Daryn McComb, 2157C 230th St.

• Janet Schuler Turner, Clifford R. Schuler, Kay Schuler, Robert Schuler, Wayne Schuler, Robert D. Turner to Alan R. Edler and Paul D. Edler, 1958 and 1958B Hart Ave., State Center

• Dennis L. Olson, Gene A. Olson, Genese K. Olson, John R. Olson and Pamela A. Olson to Dennis L. Olson, Gene A. Olson and John R. Olson, 1206 Glenwood Terrace

• Dale A. Aukes to Monte Aukes and Kelly Peshel, 1730 Marble Road, Bangor

Oct. 31

• Debra L. and Timmy L. Brown to Coastal LLC, 1407 Brentwood Terrace

• Ryan Montague and Saphire Entertainment LLC to David E. Bierbrodt Reiser and Kenton R. Bierbrodt Reiser, 911 Iowa Ave. East and 907 Iowa Ave. East

• Kossiwa Gbetsi, Yao Gbetsi, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development and Marshall County Sheriff to Wells Fargo Bank, 2205 S. Third Ave.

• Ludivina Moreno Correa to Brooklyn K. and Matthew J. Hofer, 1314 Oaks Ave.

• Paula Doehler Sprague and Stephen A. Sprague to JMT Investments LLC, 802 S. Third Ave.

• Stefanie Ehler Hammond and Trenton A. Rohrdanz to Jana L. and Thomas W. Pelham, 202 E. Strait St., Gilman

• Mark E. Kudlacik, City of Laurel, Marshall County Attorney, Marshall County Treasurer and Katherine Phelps to Melvin L. Quinn, 302 S. Main St., Laurel