Gallentine — 102 years

In 1918, Maynard “Bud” Gallentine was born on a farm between Van Cleve and Melbourne. Three months later he and his mother came down with the flu. It was a world-wide epidemic which killed more people then World War 1.

My Parents were Harry and Vera Gallentine. Brothers were John Dale and Vern: Sisters were Garnet and Beth. In 1940, he married Eileen Turnbull. Four children were born to that union: Janice, Richard , Marvin and Michael.

Bud worked as a farmer until 1946. Then we moved to Van Cleve and went to Chicago’s Coyne Electrical School. In 1952, he joined Brammer Electric in Marshalltown. He was know for having wired the Maid-rite, Fisher Community Center and Toledo’s Pioneer Seed Corn Plant.

In 1962, Bud started the City of Marshalltown’s Electrical Department.

In 1971, my wife, Eileen started the Marshalltown Senior Center and served as director until 1982 When she retired.

They moved to Colorado Springs, Colo., in 1999. His wife passed away in 2016.

Those wishing to congratulate, Bud on his 102 birthday on July 16 can send cards to: No. 6, 500 Cheyenne Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO, 80905, email him at megallentine@juno.com or find him on Facebook.


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