Daily Record, Aug. 13, 2020

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

Aug. 3

• John P. Scigliano to Sandra K. Johnson and John P. Scigliano, 902 N. Fifth Ave.

• The Estate of Ruth M. Himes to Marjorie J. Grimes, 2901 S. Second St. #115

• Kyle J. and Megan A. Toyne to Lucas P. Engel, 510 Second Ave. NW, State Center

• The Estate of Donald A. Buck to Dean M. Buck, Lawrence A. Buck, Marily M. Buck and Lise L. Van Houten, 409 Fourth St. SW, State Center

• Lisa A. and Troy A. Meyer, Lisa A. Shaffar to Lisa A. and Troy A. Meyer, 1511 Brentwood Terrace

• Cleo J. Gauthier to Joel Botello and Ernesto Calderon, 207 Huisman Circle

• Austin and Sasha Wildt to Perla Jimenez, 314 N. Fourth Ave.

• William H. Gade to Glenn DauSchmidt, 813 May St.

• Douglas V. and Pamela J. Joslin to Mark Church and Marilyn Grother, 509 E. Southridge Road

• Amy L. and Colin L. Van Drimmelen to Whitney Ringleb, 402 W. Main St., Le Grand

• Kathy M. Luethje to Elizabeth S. Hannam, 511 N. Second Ave.

• Kenny V. and Mandy K. Diggins to Nicolasa and Ulyses M. Arreola, 104 S. 16th St.

Aug. 4

• Lorraine A. and Richard L. DeVenney to Ko and Ma Sein Tun, 1 Palmer St.

• Daleen Brink Michel and Brent Michel to Guillermo Sanchez and Maria Vazquez, 207 S. Fourth St.

• Dennis F. and Marilyn A. Polley to Esteban C. Ochoa, 912 S. Second Ave.

• Debra J. and John J. Oetker to Tyler Fontanini, 411 S. Ninth St.

• American General Finance Services Inc., Marshall County Sheriff and Bridgett S. Vroman to Juan Reyes, 206 ½ N. Ninth St.

• Marshall County Sheriff and Robert Wayne Schmidt to Juan Reyes, 1905 Fremont St.

• Mary Alice Groff to Yolanda Martinez and Gerardo Rivas, 1511 Norris Place

• Chad Edward Pinkston to Christopher Todd and Maria Lamb, 202 N. 12th St.

• Michael A. Judge and Laurie Kleinman to Cari and John Judge, 115 N. First St.

Aug. 5

• Julia M. and Tyler D. Green to Gloria Franco De Zavala and Adan Zavala Garcia, 1404 S. First St.

• Daleen Michel to Aaron David and Annie Lee Kinkade, 305 N. Seventh St.

• Farmers Savings Bank to Timothy D. Sletten, 3333 150th St.

• Aileen R. and Duane E. Bryant to Shawn W. Bryant, 411 Main St., St. Anthony

• Winnifred H. Crosley Trust, Pamela J. Kauffman Trustee to Gould Farms LLC, 1069 Oaks Ave., Liscomb

• The Estate of Eileen S. Buchanan to Andrew J. Love, 502 Carson Drive

• Jacqueline K. and Nicholas C. Barnes to Dale L. Meyer and Kim D. Meyer Revocable Trust, 202 Lincoln Valley, State Center

• Dale L. Meyer and Kim D. Meyer Revocable Trust, Dale L. Meyer and Kim D. Meyer Trustees to Jacqueline K. and Nicholas C. Barnes, 2835 Brown Ave., State Center

Aug. 6

• Doneen A. Whitaker to Sherri A. King, 209 W. Ferner St.

• Richard P. and Ruth Ann Kunch to Lane LJ Larson, 607 ½ Fremont St.

• Jordan A. and Sierra Augspurger to Olivia H. and Tyler J. Peters, 2001 Skyline Drive


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