Daily Record, April 27, 2021

MarshalltownPolice Department

Arrests — Friday

• Loreen Johnson, 59, was arrested for operating while under the influence, first offense.

• Tyler Fontanini, 39, was arrested for public intoxication, first offense.

• Jesse Hernandez, 24, was arrested for driving while barred as a habitual offender.

• Jeremy Burnett, 43, was arrested for driving while barred.

Saturday April 24

• Alexander Anderson, 24, was arrested for driving while license under suspension.

• Miguel Vidales Mendez, 25, was arrested for domestic abuse assault impeding air/blood flow causing bodily injury, false imprisonment and possession of a controlled substance, marijuana.

• Brittany Hansen, 25, was arrested for assault.

Sunday April 25

• Marsiano Galvez, 22, was arrested for driving while license denied, suspended or revoked.

• Maria Perez, 31, was arrested for a dog at large.

• Codey Briley, 31, was arrested on a warrant.

Marshall County Sheriff

Arrests — Friday

• Jessica Perry, 37, was arrested for failure to yield upon left turn and operating while under the influence, first offense.

Arrests — Saturday

• Zachariah Edwards, 37, was arrested for a controlled substance violation, failure to affix an Iowa drug tax stamp, driving with an open container of alcohol, failure to respond to steady red light and driving while license revoked, suspended or barred.

Arrests — Sunday

• Stacey Washington Jr., 37, was arrested for violating conditions of a restricted license, illegal dark window or windshield, failure to provide proof of financial liability and driving while barred.

• Gregory Paglia, 38, was arrested for a violation of parole.

• Ephirem Gurisho, 18, was arrested for indecent contact with a child over clothing, assault with intent to commit sexual abuse no injury, third degree sexual abuse of a child age 12 or 13.

Marshall County Courthouse

• Terry Lee Eschen pleaded guilty to a charge of public intoxication. He was ordered to pay a $105 fine.

• A probation revocation hearing was scheduled for May 17 for Brian Lacsina Demesa who is charged with probation violation.

• A $1,000 cash bond was posted for Eh Pa who is charged with second-degree burglary, fourth-degree criminal mischief and domestic abuse assault.

• A May 20 jury trial was scheduled for Amanda Jean Riley who is charged with assault causing bodily injury or mental illness and third-degree criminal mischief.

• Dalilah Choate pleaded guilty to curfew violation.

ª Calvin Pradhan was found guilty of speeding after failing to appear for his scheduled court date.

• A pretrial conference was set for June 23 for Monica Garcia on a charge of compulsory education violation.

• Jacqueline Chavarria Gonzalez made an initial appearance for charges of second-degree theft, unauthorized use of a credit card, conspiracy to commit a non-forcible felony and identity theft.

• A pretrial conference was set for May 26 for Blaine Micheal Gentry who is charged with drag racing.

• A June 23 pretrial conference was set for Rayna Cazares for a charge of compulsory education violation.

• A non-jury trial was set for May 25 for David Gomez, Jr. who is charged with driving while license is suspended, canceled, denied or revoked, fifth-degree criminal mischief and interference with official acts.

• A June 9 pretrial conference was scheduled for William Leroy Fitzgerald. He is charged with failure to comply with safety regulations.

Property Transfers


• Johnny Raymond Bolen and the Marshall County Treasurer to the City of Marshalltown, 101 W. Main St.

• Gregory Paul and Peggy Marie Stonewall to Charlene McFarlane and Jason and Elizabeth Reels, 913 S. Sixth Ave.

• David B. and Julie J. Daugherty to David B. and Lorri A. Daugherty, 540 N. Third St.

• Geraldine Reichlinger Estate to James D. and Burke Lee Reichlinger, 3225 Reed Ave., Laurel.

April 21

• Kenneth R. and Beverly K. Thompson to Zachary A. and Amber M. Maxfield, 2754 330th St., Laurel.

• Aida Avila and Samuel Velazquez to Profiria Corona Hernandez and Jose Raymundo Martinez, 609 W. Main St.

• Jennifer L. Smith Estate to Dylan S. Dare and Morgan B. Weigelt, 111 S. Main St., Albion.

• Stephen C. and Doris R. Strand to Carter S. Strand, 11 E. Meadow Lane.

• Wade Shriver to Dillon Bear and Brandi McClish, 1111 S. Fourth St.

• Lauren D. Bolar to David A. Bolar, Laurel K. Bolar and Lauren D. Bolar, 1243 230th St., State Center.


• Juan Reyes to Francisco E. Amaya, 1905 Fremont St.

• Justin N. and Mandy J. Burns and Mandy J. Hoodjer to Cheyenne Panada, 111 N. High St., Gilman.

• Maxwell A. Upah to Eric James Semple, 301 Third St., SE, State Center.

• Monica L. Kramer Estate to Logan and Taylor Barnes, 201 N. 14th St.

• Jill A. Funk, Mark and Jana B. Malcom, Brian T. Wall and Robert E. Wall to Brett A. Wall, 2391 Lafayette Ave.

• Karl and Judy Meling to the City of Marshalltown, 610 W. Nevada St.

• Donald A. Anderson Trust and Trustee Nichole A. Donathan to the City of Marshalltown, 330 S. Third Ave. and 328 S. Third Ave.


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