Daily Record, June 16, 2021

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers


• Bottles to Backpacks, City of Clemons, Daryl Schoppe Construction, Iowa Department of Human Services, Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance, Iowa Secretary of State, State of Iowa, Iowa Attorney General, Marshall County Auditor, Marshall County Attorney, Marshall County Sheriff, Marshall County Treasurer and James Bradley and Cassandra Shipley to Westwood Tax Services, 403 Market Ave., Clemons.

• Dorothy C. Stolzman Estate to William E. Stolzman, 2451 Reed Ave.

• David and Helen Shebesta to Grisel Chavez Rodriguez and Alexander Mejia Medina, 1503 Norris Place.

• Harold D. and Dawn Youngblood to Jose J. Barajas Morales, 1008 Henry Drive.

• Michael W. and Carolyn Wood to Mario Lares and Luz A. Torres, 114 N. 21st St.

• Austen J. and Alicia M. Deruiter and Alicia M. Harrison to Austen J. and Alicia M. Deruiter, 2103 S. Fifth St.

• Amber L. Rhodes to Justin P. Lannin and Jolie B. Welch, 205 S. Main St., Gilman.

• Herbert S. and Joellin S. Dickkut to Nancy M. Dickkut, 1755 Oaks Ave.

• ACC34 to Jesus Torres, 405 May St.

• Diane M. Berkey to Jean M. Miller, 510 Carson Drive.


• Allen R. and Judy K. Dale to Allen Dale Trust and Judy Dale Trust, 2306 Knollway Drive.

• Glenwood Marshalltown to Robert B. and Theresa A. Anson, 2701 S. Sixth St.

• Brian J. and Kathleen E. Kerr to Kathleen E. Kerr, 203 E. Olive St.

• Scott E. and Colette J. Lothe to Jospeh I. and Kirsten I. Schmit, 1008 W. Main St.

• Daniel P. Miller and Anna Simon Miller to Daniel P. Miller and Anna Simon Miller, 1109 113th St., New Providence.

• Dennis C. and Barbara J. Brown to Dennis C. Brown, 1611 Elder Drive.


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