School levy fails renewal in South Tama election

For the second time in as many years, voters denied the passage of a Physical Plant and Equipment Levy in the South Tama County School District.

Voters cast 435 “no” votes to 303 “yes” votes in a special election Tuesday. The PPEL is a $1.34 tax per $1,000 property valuation and STC school leaders were asking for it to be extended for 10 more years.

“The results of this election are evident and of course we are disappointed,” said South Tama County Schools Superintendent Kerri Nelson.

The measure needed a 50 percent plus one vote of “yes” to pass.

PPEL money goes to the upkeep of facilities and the addition of new facilities and equipment in the school district. This would have meant no new taxes but a 10-year extension of the PPEL already in place.

The PPEL fell one vote short of approval during last fall’s STC school election, which led to the school district request this special election.

Nelson said Tuesday it is not in the current plans to have another special election to try to pass the PPEL again.


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