35 years and counting

A decades-long partnership between Marshalltown Community College and Buena Vista University was celebrated Monday afternoon; the two institutions have worked together for 35 years. Iowa Valley Community College District Chancellor Dr. Chris Duree, left, was joined by BVU President Dr. Joshua Merchant to speak about the relationship and its future. “I am looking forward to a continued partnership with Iowa Valley, I am looking forward to a continued partnership with Marshalltown,” Merchant said, adding BVU students that come to the Marshalltown location benefit the community. “Not only are they able to stay, they’re providing a continued economic impact.” The partnership between MCC and BVU got its start in the fall of 1982, and Duree said he hopes for many more years of collaboration.

Duree and Merchant, who has been the president at BVU for three months, met for about an hour Monday to discuss the direction of the partnership. “When Buena Vista put the campus models into place, that was clearly unique, that was out on the cutting edge,” Duree said. “We’re already talking about new possibilities of undergrad degrees and other ways we can grow together; it’s not about us, it’s about students.”