State Roundup

Cedar Rapids

• Making care packages in the Sisters of Mercy University Center Monday kicked off four events Mount Mercy staged this week to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. MMU held four events, one each day, Monday through Thursday, including making care packages, watching “The March” (a documentary), a free visit to the African American Museum of Iowa and watching “The Butler.” — Mount Mercy Times

Prairie City

• Vincen Liddle has been paraplegic for 10 years, the result of spinal cord injury in 2007. The Waterloo native relies on a wheelchair for mobility, but what some might see as a barrier, Liddle has embraced as an opportunity to coach and keep moving. Liddle and his family moved to Prairie City last year. As president of SportAbility of Iowa, a non profit organization that provides ongoing sports and recreation programs to help people in the local community with physical disabilities to enjoy an active lifestyle. The group is hosting its first open gym of 2018 for wheelchair basketball from 6-8 p.m. on Jan. 31 at the Family Life Center in Prairie City. — Monroe Legacy

Mount Vernon

• On Monday afternoon, a water main under the Middle School band room broke resulting in ankle-deep water and closing the school for Tuesday and Wednesday. As of Tuesday afternoon the superintendent hoped repairs would be completed by Wednesday. According to school personnel, water flowed from the band room, down the hallway to the orchestra room, the kitchen, weight room and a classroom. The flooding happened at the end of the school day and parents, staff and students formed a little army moving hundreds of instruments and teaching materials. — Sun, Mount Vernon-Lisbon

Prairie City

• Prairie City has pledged $20,000 as part of a local match to a federal grant that, if awarded, will complete funding for the Red Rock Prairie Trail’s construction. The money is part of a 20 percent local match for the federal Transportation Alternative Program Grant. Jasper County Hometown Pride Committee Coach Jeff Davidson told the council Jan. 10 the grant would bring an additional $300,000 to the Red Rock Prairie Trail project, $240,000 from the federal government and $60,000 from local parties in Jasper County. Combined with the $891,000 in cash already available from federal and state grants, this would reach the $1.2 million goal for the trail. — Prairie City News