Man arrested for spitting inside of police vehicle


A Marshalltown man being transported to the Marshall County Jail on a public intoxication third offense was also arrested for spitting in a police vehicle.

Marshalltown Police Department and Marshall County District Court records show Gustavo Alonso-Perez Jr., 48, was arrested earlier this week after a local business complained to the MPD the suspect had threatened customers with a gun and was drunk and disorderly. Upon investigation, a MPD officer confirmed the suspect had displayed a airsoft gun, which is a replica, but used in airsoft sports. However, none of the customers wanted to file charges against Alonso-Perez. He was taken into custody for public intoxication.

According to the offense report, the arresting officer said the defendant began to shout in the police car on the way to jail, and also heard him spit once. The officer said he looked back and saw the screen of the police car’s cage with spit on it. Alonso-Perez was also charged with disorderly conduct. He is being held on $2,000 bond. His preliminary hearing is June 29.