Seven new teachers join BCLUW School District staff

CONRAD — When school began on Aug. 23 for students in the BCLUW School District in Conrad and Union, they were welcomed by seven new staff members — all but two of which are in his or her first school teaching position.

At the elementary school, Megan Bowden comes to BCLUW through UNI and Cedar Falls as the new elementary counselor. She said the small town culture and the tight-knit communities of the district attracted her to apply for the position and now she is excited to meet the parents and students as well as other members of the district community.

Jen Frank is the new BCLUW Preschool teacher. A native of Beaman and Conrad, Frank attended the local school district as a student and now has her own children as BCLUW students. She said she wanted to return as a teacher to be a part of great things happening in the local district. Frank previously taught early childhood education in the South Tama District, and third grade at Yucca Valley Elementary while living in California.

Kyle Fank, originally of Independence through Wartburg College in Waverly, has accepted the position of K-4 and 9-12 grade physical education instructor. He will also coach seventh grade football and be the high school assistant track coach. Fank, who is in his first teaching position, said that the small town feeling with great opportunities and great kids attracted him to the open BCLUW position and he is eager to begin his duties here.

At the middle school in Union, Mckalya Reints of Parkersburg began her first teaching job this week after graduating from Iowa State University. She will teach seventh and eighth grade math, Algebra and computer as well as coach seventh grade girls basketball and seventh and eighth grade girls junior high track. Reints said she applied at BCLUW after hearing great things about the district, as well as from knowing what a great school district it was by living so close. She also said that she loves being in a district so close to her home.

Danielle Fotsch of Hudson graduated in Dec. 2017 from UNI and accepted this as her first teaching position. She is the new BCLUW sixth through eighth grade science teacher. She will also help Reints with seventh grade girls basketball and coach girls JH shot put. She said the friendliness of the BCLUW community attracted her to the district and looks at it as creating a new experience for her family as well as starting a new journey to meet new people.

Jodi Hinegardner of LeGrand comes to BCLUW as High School Health and Special Education, after holding teaching positions in Paton-Churdan for 3 years, GMG for 12 years and East Marshall for 12 years. She completed undergrad training at William Penn College and then graduate work at University of Northern Iowa. What attracted her to BCLUW was that it is a great community, and the new position gives her the opportunity to work with both general and special education students.

Landon Schrage of Aplington will be BCLUW’s new high school Business instructor. This is his first teaching position, and said he was attracted to it because of the ability to teach and power student’s lives.