Flooding seen all over Central Iowa

T-R PHOTO BY ADAM SODDERS - The Iowa River flowing by Marshalltown swelled this week and is set to go above the “minor” flood stage by Friday, according to the National Weather Service in Des Moines. The predicted peak as of Thursday afternoon was 19.5 feet, enough to flood the Iowa Highway 14 southbound lanes north of Marshalltown, as well as Highway 330 south of Albion.
T-R PHOTO BY ADAM SODDERS - High water blocks off Iowa Highway 330 to Albion mid-morning Thursday.
T-R PHOTO BY ADAM SODDERS - Flat land just north of Marshalltown floods easily when rain and snow melt combine in the spring.
T-R PHOTO BY ADAM SODDERS - Rain and snow melt turn low-lying area fields into miniature lakes like this one viewed from Highland Acres Road Thursday.