Harris steps down from Marshalltown School Board

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO — Ross Harris is stepping down from his Marshalltown School Board seat. He was elected in 2015.

Marshalltown School Board member Ross Harris stepped down from his seat on the board effective June 7.

Harris had four months left on his term and the school board intends to fill the vacancy. Harris, who has served since 2015, said medical reasons prompted his decision.

When board president Bea Niblock called for a motion to approve Harris’ resignation, board member Mike Miller responded.

“Regrettably, so moved,” he said. The motion passed 6-0.

There are a few ways the open seat on the board could be filled. A special election can be requested by the public via a petition with 276 signatures from eligible voters in the district, which matches the 30 percent requirement for the 917 voters who participated in the most recent school election.

Such a petition must be filed by July 1.

Another way the vacancy could be filled in the short term would be by board appointment. If a special election is not requested following the above process, the board will have one month from the date of Harris’ resignation to appoint a new board member.

People wishing to vie for the open seat can submit a letter of interest to district board secretary Paulette Newbold. Letters are due by 5 p.m. June 27.

If an appointment is made, the person filling the seat would do so until the next school board election in November, completing Harris’ term. The regular school board election will determine who holds the position for the next four years.

For more information, contact Newbold at 641-754-1000 or email pnewbold@marshalltown.k12.ia.us.


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