Timber Creek Park provides fishing spot for community

TR PHOTO BY LOGAN METZGER Timber Creek Park is one of the very few parks in Marshalltown that have a pond. It has amenities ranging from an open air shelter to bathroom facilities and a trail.

Editor’s note: This twice weekly series will spotlight some of Marshalltown’s 22 parks. Parks are a way for families to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the city and a way for the city to bring the outdoors to families.

Timber Creek Park is one of the largest parks in Marshalltown with 15.8 acres which help it serve the large residential area that surrounds it.

“This park was hit by a flood in 2018, which knocked the bridge off its supports,” Geoff Hubbard, director of Marshalltown Parks and Recreation, said.

Hubbard said this means the trail around the pond is now incomplete without the bridge, but Marshalltown Parks and Recreation is talking with an engineer to replace the bridge.

“The bridge right now is 48 feet long, but we need to make it 120 feet long to meet DNR standards,” Hubbard said.

Hubbard said he plans for the bridge to be installed next year.

Timber Creek Park’s most well known amenity is the pond which forms at the end of Anson Creek. On the pond is a fishing jetty where families and individuals can fish to their heart’s content. Other amenities include an open air shelter with plenty of picnic table seating and a grill next to it. This area is perfect for birthdays due to the large amount of seating and the large playground structure next to it.

That playground structure has a large amount of different play equipment on it. This equipment includes various slides and climbing equipment, gravel scoops, a fireman’s pole, animal springers, monkey bars, baby swings and regular swings.

Timber Creek Park does have bathroom facilities, which are located right off the trail that encircles the pond.

Timber Creek Park is located right off East Southridge Road, near Hoglan Elementary School.


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