Botox parties offered in Marshalltown

T-R PHOTO BY LANA BRADSTREAM Shane Faltys of Blissful Expressions injects Botox into the forehead of his wife, Sara, who is also an owner of Blissful Expressions. The husband and wife business owners accomodate people who want to host Botox parties.

Ever hear of Pampered Chef parties? What about Mary Kay, Pink Zebra or Scentsy parties?

These parties normally involve a group of friends gathering together in a host’s home, eating some appetizers, drinking some beverages and then making purchases. Now there are Botox parties and they are happening in Marshalltown.

Offered by Blissful Expressions in Marshalltown, the owners — Shane and Sara Faltys — will show up at the party with Botox ready to go.

As long as the environment is clean and has good lighting, and the participants are not drinking alcohol beforehand, the Faltys will inject Botox into party-goers faces.

“I will sit down with everyone and assess what they want,” Shane said. “I go over what I do, explain what the areas of treatment are and learn what their expectations are. We go over what they are looking for and we devise a plan.”

After a plan is formed, the client then signs a consent form — hence the reason the Faltys prefer any alcohol consumption be reserved until after the procedure.

The parties may not be the normal hostess-style many women eventually go to. However, that is not stopping people from scheduling them. Sara said on average they will go to a Botox party two or three times per month.

In fact, they will travel to Cedar Falls this month for a party.

“Some women do not want people to know they are getting Botox,” Shane said. “Or they only want people they trust to know about it. They will have a spread of food and some wine for afterward and turn it into a social get-together. It is something they enjoy and can get done in a private area.”

Just like with the more traditional hostess parties, Blissful Expressions will offer the hostess a discount — depending on the number of participants.

While Shane, who is the director of anesthesia at UnityPoint – Marshalltown, is certified to provide Botox injections, Sara schedules all appointments and parties and answers any questions clients might have.

She is no stranger to Botox injections either, saying that she started getting injections at the age of 35.

“If people want parties, all they have to do is contact me on Facebook, Instagram, text or call me,” Sara said. “We can talk about a timeframe and set something up from there.”

There are some misconceptions about Botox injections that Shane said he would like to clear up.

First, it does not freeze a face. The injections serve as a replacement for the collagen that naturally fades as people get older. The less collagen there is, the more wrinkles there are.

When images of celebrities are shown on the television or in magazines with tight faces, Shane said it was more likely caused by face lifts. Normal Botox injections will help eliminate wrinkles, but will not create a frozen, mannequin face.

“You need a lot of Botox to do that, double the amount of what we use,” Shane said.

Blissful Expressions does offer fillers, but only in the office setting at 30 E. Main St. Sara said women in their 20s are more likely to ask for fillers to achieve the plump, full lip look.

However, the Faltys do not offer the duck lip look.

“I am happy to add volume and shape to the lips, but no duck lips,” Shane said.

“If someone wants giant lips, that is something we do not do,” Sara said.

With the holidays here, more clients are going through the doors of Blissful Expressions. Sara said they usually get an average of 75 clients during December.

As the clientele grows and the parties are more widespread, things will just get busier at their little business.

“We are slowly gaining clientele as the word grows and spreads,” Shane said.

To contact Blissful Expressions and schedule a party, go to the Facebook page or call 573-429-1501.


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