UnityPoint records popular 2019 Marshalltown baby names

The obstetrics and gynecology unit at UnityPoint Health – Marshalltown did close in 2019, but some babies were still born in town — either before the unit closed or in the emergency room afterward.

In fact, Sean Hylton, the marketing communications specialist for UnityPoint Health – Waterloo, said in 2019, 110 boys and 136 girls were born in Marshalltown.

The hospital recorded the names of all infants that made their arrivals. Some names were more traditional and some were fairly original.

“Unique and original baby names are trending locally and nationally and we’re seeing names like that, such as Kenai, Daxter, Kajun, Kem and Joicewin for boys; and Braeah, Yanilexi, Gemini and Happiness for girls.”

Picking names for babies is something that parents take seriously, but Hylton said baby names need to be submitted to the hospital before discharge.

“There’s no way to say for certain how long parents take to name their babies,” he said. “Some are considering names throughout their pregnancy while others are more spontaneous.”

Some of the more popular names for girls in the United States, according to website Nameberry, ended up being popular in Marshalltown, too. Namely, Isabella and Evelyn.

The most popular name for boys in America in 2019 was Liam, which was also a popular choice in Marshalltown. Another popular boys name appearing locally and nationwide was Oliver.

Most popular 2019 names for baby boys born in Marshalltown:

Leo — 3

Isaiah — 3

Pablo — 2

Damian — 2

Landon — 2

Liam — 2

Ethan– 2

Lincoln– 2

Maverick– 2

Oliver –2

Jacob –2

Most popular 2019 names for baby girls born in Marshalltown:

Ximena — 4

Isabella — 4

Maria — 3

Stella — 2

Raelynn — 2

Adhara — 2

Kainsley– 2

Cing — 2

Stacey– 2

Evelyn — 2

Violet — 2

Grace — 2

Zoe — 2


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