Senate candidate Mauro: ‘What can we do together?’

T-R photo by Anna Shearer Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Eddie Mauro speaks about why he is the best choice to serve Iowa. He is running against incumbent Republican Joni Ernst.

U.S. Senate Democratic candidate Eddie Mauro has not forgotten what it means to be an Iowan. Though he spends much of his time visiting voters and being interviewed, he has maintained his concern for fellow Iowans and the friendly manner many refer to as “Iowa nice.”

Mauro has been a part of Iowa communities his whole life, calling himself a “lifelong Iowan.”

“I’ve been out fighting for Iowans for almost 30 years now,” he said. “Some people run for office to become an advocate. I’ve been an advocate and now just want to cross it to another level of advocacy and public service.”

He has lived in Carroll, Boone, Indianola, Seymour and Centerville. While he began as a teacher, he owns an insurance company in Des Moines, where he resides with his wife of 29 years, Sharilyn.

Mauro has visited almost 90 counties for his campaign already, striving for “meaningful conversations” with people who may hold different views. He said he listens, which he believes incumbent Joni Ernst, fails to do.

Ernst, a Republican, has been representing Iowa in the U.S. Senate since 2015.

Mauro said Ernst “keeps coming home and telling us how great things are.”

Mauro believes many Iowans are struggling, and they do not need a leader who is going to tell them everything is okay.

“There are people saying, ‘We’ve got problems,'” he said.

Mauro plans to go into communities and say, “Let’s go figure out how to make it better for more of you.”

According to Mauro, one of Iowa’s problems is the healthcare system. He said he plans to expand the Affordable Care Act, making sure everyone has healthcare. Mauro said Ernst has voted five times to take healthcare from Iowans.

He said he has a plan to unify Iowa even though divisive rhetoric fills this country.

Mauro said he will take a Bobby Kennedy approach, going into communities and asking, “What can we do together?”

He plans to advocate for all people. Mauro said immigration has caused Iowa communities to evolve. He believes in “embracing the great success that Marshalltown has had by having this Latino population.”

Mauro also plans to support farmers, which he will do by listening and partnering with them. He said he plans to set up a system to pay farmers to participate in regenerative agriculture, which would include growing cover crops and putting up barriers to reduce pollutants entering our water.

“Iowans are yearning for a leader,” Mauro said.

He believes that leader is him.


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