COVID-19 insurance costs waived

Copays, coinsurance and deductibles for in-network COVID-19 care was waived by the Marshall County Board of Supervisors during a special Thursday meeting.

“This is information we got from Bernie Lowe and Associates as to what we want to do with our plan and there are many employers that are doing this for the COVID 19,” said auditor Nan Benson said. “They just wanted to get our decision on what direction we want to go for the provider care for our members treatment.”

Supervisor Steve Salasek asked if other Iowa counties were waiving the cost.

Benson said she thought some counties were, but did not have an exact number. She reiterated that this is a route many employers are taking.

Mary Stubbs, an accountant in the Marshall County Auditor department said, “Self-insured plans are providing for this and some are not. The county plan is pretty rich so our members costs aren’t going to be as great as some others. You can look at it both ways. You can think the employee would not have as many costs or you can look at it as our plan can easily absorb those costs.”

Salasek asked if the money would come out of the Marshall County health fund.

Supervisor Dave Thompson motioned to cover the associated costs out of the health fund

Bill said “The motion that we have before us it waives the copay, coinsurance, the deductibles, network provider for the COVID-19. I would like to see that in there, plus what Dave said that it comes from our health fund.”


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