Test Iowa comes to Marshalltown

T-R photos by Anna Shearer Cones are set up to direct people where to drive to receive testing.

There is good news for Marshall County residents who would like to be tested for COVID-19. Starting Thursday, tests will be offered in Marshalltown through Test Iowa, which is an initiative dedicated to increasing the number of COVID-19 tests being administered. State leaders and private corporations are working together to increase availability of the test.

Testing will be available at Marshalltown Community College from noon to 6 p.m. Thursday and Friday.

According to Kim Elder, Marshall County Emergency Management coordinator, the two days will serve as a soft opening. Trainings will be done in the mornings, and administrators will make sure everything runs smoothly.

The testing will likely be offered for at least two weeks, but the length of the service is dependent on how many people want to be tested.

People must sign up online at testiowa.com for a time to get tested.

A tent is set up with supplies for administering the test on MCC campus.

“The only people who can get tested are those who signed up online and have a QR code,” Elder said.

The project has been a joint effort, with Marshall County Emergency Management, Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management working with Reynolds’ office to make the testing available in Marshall County.

The Iowa National Guard will administer nasal swab tests for COVID-19 in a drive-through testing format.

Elder said there were a few things people should keep in mind before using the testing site.

“They must come in a vehicle,” she said.

T-R photo by Anna Shearer Signs are placed around MCC campus to direct people where to go for testing.

People are not allowed to walk up for this service. They should also keep their window rolled down so they can be directed where to go. People should arrive a little earlier than the time they sign up for.

Elder noted there should not be long lines due to the online sign-up and the preparation of the administrators.

“They’re set up to do 100 a day,” she said.

Elder also said that there may be some traffic backup around the college as people try to read the directing signs and figure out where to go.

In total 139,140 Iowans have been tested through Test Iowa, equaling one in 23 Iowans.

Increased testing is imperative as Iowa continues to see an increase in COVID-19 cases and makes efforts to reopen the state.

Wednesday marked a record number of COVID-19 deaths in a 24-hour period with 21 additional deaths reported.


Enter on North College Drive, follow the signs around campus, then exit on South College Drive.


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