Water rate increase proposed

T-R photo by Thomas Nelson Marshalltown Water Works is considering raising prices at the next meeting on July 20. The estimation in a single person’s home will see an increase in the drinking water portion of their monthly bill by $1.30. The water rate would be increased 20 cents to $2.34 per 100-cubic-feet.

Marshalltown residents could see their water bill rise.

The Marshalltown Water Works Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing at 12:30 p.m. on July 20 to consider a water rate increase for all customers.

Marshalltown’s current water rate is $2.14 per 100-cubic-feet Which is lower than other Iowa towns of similar size. The new rate, if passed, would be $2.34 per 100-cubic-feet or a 20-cent increase. The elevation in cost would be effective Oct. 1.

“The increase is needed to maintain the quality, quantity and reliability we already have,” said Shelli Lovell, water works general manager. “The people in Marshalltown like the water quality here. They’ve won awards for the water quality.”

The Marshalltown Water Works estimates that a single person’s home will see a monthly increase in the drinking water portion of their utility bill of approximately $1.30 per month and that a family of four will see an increase of approximately $2.90 per month.

Business customers can call Marshalltown Water Works for an estimate of their bill amounts reflecting the proposed rate increase.

The increase is proposed so the Water Works can continue funding its annual operation and maintenance expenses, aging water main replacement, the annual loan repayment for the 2017 treatment plant project and other improvements needed to continue provision of reliable service.

The Marshalltown Water Works Board of Trustees understands the importance of keeping water rates affordable, according to a news release.

Marshalltown Water Works is being proactive in guaranteeing the same standard of water quality residents have always had, Lovell said.

Marshalltown’s water treatment plant is nearly 45 years old and the increase will keep the plant maintained.

“I don’t see things changing,” Lovell said. “Our customers can look forward to proactive management of this system.”


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