NYT: In one day, Iowa records 1,258 new COVID-19 cases and 18 deaths

In Iowa, positive COVID-19 cases and deaths spiked in one day, according to the New York Times COVID-19 tracker.

On Wednesday, 1,258 new cases were reported in Iowa. Over the past seven days, Iowa had an average of 760 cases per day, an increase of 70 percent from the average two weeks earlier, according to the New York Times.

Iowa is one of eight states where COVID-19 cases are currently growing, according to the New York Times. It is also one of 10 states where virus-related deaths are growing.

The Iowa Department of Public Health reported the number of new infections on Wednesday to be considerably lower, at 268 positive cases and six deaths. However, the state’s website is now showing Monday and Tuesday’s COVID-19 numbers at 1,157 and 832 as officials update previous dates.

It’s not unusual for New York Times’ COVID-19 tracker to report a significantly higher daily count of infections and deaths in Iowa than what is reported by the Iowa Department of Public Health.



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