Wells Fargo reopens in downtown Marshalltown

CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS —The original staff of the downtown Marshalltown Wells Fargo location have returned to the new building.

After more than two years, Wells Fargo again has a permanent home in downtown Marshalltown.

The new facility, 102 S. Center St., opened on Monday. Branch manager Stacey Peters said the previous building received extensive damage from the 2018 tornado. The roof was damaged, as was the air conditioning system and a hole was placed in one of the exterior walls.

“Thankfully, my team was secure when it happened,” she said.

Following the tornado, Wells Fargo Region Bank President Brett Smith said the entire structure was torn down. What stands in the location now is completely different.

“It is very exciting,” he said. “We were in the old location for many years. There were 25,000 square feet and we were only using a very small amount. The tornado allowed us to retrofit the old location and get it to the right size for the team we have.”

The Wells Fargo location in downtown Marshalltown opened on Monday. It takes the place of the previous building, which was badly damaged by the 2018 tornado.

Not only has the building been reduced in size, but the environmental impact has been lessened, as well. Smith said the installation of environmental friendly aspects in the 3,500-square-foot building has provided a 50 percent savings in energy and 40 percent savings in water usage.

In addition to the positive environmental impacts, the new building also features technology not previously available. Peters said one of the most exciting pieces of technology is an assisted service automatic teller machine (ATM).

“It is the first one in the region,” she said. “It allows visitors to make deposits and withdrawals, but there is a larger variety of bills.”

The ATMs are also connected to smart tablets held by bank employees. If a customer has a question and wants the assistance of an employee, Peters said all that person has to do is push a button, and an employee will get notification. Smith said the new features are part of trends seen across the banking industry.

“There is a growing customer demand to bank digitally,” he said. “We are trying to meet in the middle by offering digital experiences and still offering employees for people to work with.”

A special feature inside the building is a mural of the history of Marshalltown. Not only does it feature the historical downtown, but also the diversity Marshalltown is known for. Peters said customers might even see some historical names they are familiar with.

Steve Carlson, the vice president of Wells Fargo Corporate Communications, said the historical services of Wells Fargo worked with the Marshalltown Public Library and Historical Society of Marshall County to create the mural. Smith said highlighting community history is something new Wells Fargo branches are engaging in.

Since the building opened, Peters said the reactions of customers has been positive.

“People are amazed at how beautiful it looks,” she said. “There is really no comparison to the old building. Everybody from the old building is back and we are excited about the technology we are bringing.”

A grand opening is planned for a yet-to-be-determined date in the future.


Address: 102 S. Center St.

Phone: 641-754-5600

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday; 9 a.m. to noon, Saturday


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