Couple embarks on road trip bringing supplies to Texans

contributed photos — Dylan and Kelsey Schumacher received a plethora of donations for Texans affected by the winter storm including; bottled water, non-perishable food items and household items.

A local couple is delivering supplies to Texans in need.

Dylan and Kelsey Schumacher, owners of Schumacher Construction, said they know how it feels to be left with nothing after a disastrous weather event, like the winter storm Texas experienced leaving millions of people without power or plumbing.

“With the tornado and the derecho we’ve seen what it’s like to have to depend on each other, it’s a team effort,” Dylan said.

When the 2018 tornado hit, the Schumachers lost power and all the windows in their home on Main Street.

Now as business owners, the Schumachers felt they were fortunate enough to take time out of their work schedule to help others in need.

“I remember people coming up here working long hours day and night, random people you don’t even know coming up to help you, and I figured we’ve got to do the same in exchange, if they’ve got the time we’ve got the time,” Dylan said.

Their employees agreed to take a week off to help them load a truck and trailer with bottled water, plumbing supplies, canned foods, hygiene products, pet food, baby formula, diapers, propane, charcoal and more, then drive down to Texas to hand-deliver everything.

“I can always come back and we will have business, I’m not worried about that,” Dylan said. “These people have nothing, and if it takes me every last dollar to get down there and help these people then that’s what it takes.”

Putting the word out across Facebook, the Schumachers received an overwhelming amount of donations of supplies and cash. Donations came from local residents, and from businesses such as Hy-Vee, Fareway, Spahn and Rose Lumber Company, Iowa Wholesale Supply and La Carreta Mexican Grill.

In addition to filling up two trucks and two trailers full of supplies, the Schumachers purchased $1,250 worth of gift cards to major retailers with cash donations they received.

“I’m happily overwhelmed,” Kelsey said. “It’s nuts, I’m just shocked with the amount of support we’ve received.”

Kelsey has been coordinating on Facebook with Texans in need, planning to make their first stop in Dallas, Texas, and then stop in more rural towns with 1,000 or less residents on their way to their last stop in Austin, Texas.

The support the Schumachers have received has opened up a door for more volunteer work, pushing them to plan more action to help others in the future.

“I hope to continue to do more things like this, this just opened up a whole new world for me,” Dylan said.


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