‘Love in color’

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO Melynda McCord’s first public art piece is a strong statement in a time of social unrest. It has been on her mind since 2017 and she wanted to share it with Marshalltown.

An acrylic mural with a very relevant statement was not something Melynda McCord intended. However, after she finished the piece on the Graffiti Wall at Skateboard Park, she found out that was what she created.

“I haven’t watched the news in two years . . . because it’s the news,” McCord said. “But I had this statement in my mind since 2017 and it’s been stuck in my mind. I decided to make some art with it.”

The mural reads, “Love in color. The world is black and white.”

She was not making any statement on race. McCord said she thinks the world is stuck — “out of tune” — like a black and white television. Outside of that television, there is a lot more color and vibrancy.

“I wanted to give some light and hope,” she said. “I think the world needs to see all the colors that our world is made of and love with a colorful heart.”

McCord started creating her piece on Sunday and finished it Monday morning, after seven hours of work. She was not alone in her endeavor. Landaca Czerniewski and Jordan Denato helped her paint and Randy’s Designs produced the stencils.

Without a big presence on social media pages, McCord has not heard a lot of reaction to her piece, but the ones she has received have been positive.

“My kids are in high school and their friends drove by it and said it was cool,” she said. “I absolutely love it, myself. I think it looks beautiful.”

This is McCord’s first public outdoor piece. She has some other art in the Creative Space Art Studio & Gift Shop in the 13th Street District.

“Now that it’s up there, I hope it’s a great piece for people to get some hope and love because of everything that is going on in the world,” McCord said.


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