Supervisors talk Boone Street property, renew Antique Power Association lease

T-R PHOTO BY ROBERT MAHARRY Marshall County Engineer Paul Geilenfeldt discusses the potential purchase of a parcel of land at 901 E. Boone St. in Marshalltown during the board of supervisors meeting held Tuesday morning.

The Marshall County Board of Supervisors discussed the potential purchase of just over two acres of land from the city of Marshalltown and renewed an ongoing lease with the Mid-Iowa Antique Power Association during its regular meeting held Tuesday morning at the Election Center.

The county is interested in the property because it borders an existing secondary roads maintenance and fueling facility, and County Engineer Paul Geilenfeldt told the board a survey of the area in question is still ongoing. The value is estimated at $6,929.26 per acre for a 2.1 acre parcel, which Geilenfeldt said he considered to be a fair price.

He went on to explain some of the modifications including fence adjustments that would be necessary if the county acquires the property, and Geilenfeldt reiterated that adding on to the county’s current facility would be much more fiscally manageable than building an entirely new structure, which could cost the county twice as much.

Ultimately, no official action was taken. The board then moved into a discussion with two representatives from the Mid-Iowa Antique Power Association on extending the current lease with the organization at the jail and sheriff’s office facility for an additional 10 years through June 30, 2034.

County Buildings and Grounds Director Lucas Baedke said he appreciated the relationship with Mid-Iowa because they save him time by mowing the area they lease. Sheriff Joel Phillips also called them a great partner, and it was estimated that the annual power show held in the summer draws between 1,800 and 2,000 people over a three-day period.

“Our relationship has been great. If we need something, we’re able to communicate with each other,” Phillips said. “I couldn’t ask for a better neighbor.”

A motion to extend the lease of 51 tillable acres at an annual cost of $6,375 carried unanimously.

Later in the meeting, the board approved the appropriation of funds for the upcoming fiscal year in keeping with the budget, with a total of $39,458,908.55 in expenditures. Of that total, the departments with the largest budgets are the county engineer ($9,173,400), the sheriff’s office ($6,640,650) and conservation ($2,669,925). Additionally, $4,827,561 is set aside for county capital building, and $6,992,215.55 is allocated for nondepartmental spending.

During the public comment period of the meeting, Geilenfeldt asked about what steps would need to be taken to secure American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding for the Wolf Lake project just south of Marshalltown, and Phillips briefly discussed a change in Iowa law that will allow ATV and UTV operators to drive on county and state highways beginning on July 1.

“I wish we had more time to educate folks,” Phillips said.

Geilenfeldt also contributed to the discussion, noting that county attorneys across the state have reached different conclusions and interpretations of what the law actually means.

In other business, the board:

• Recognized Blake Ihde for 10 years of service with the sheriff’s office.

• Approved a change of status for Rob Crandon from Mechanic 3 to Truck Driver 2 at an hourly pay rate of $26.72.

• Approved an extension of vacation hours through July 1, 2023, with Public Health Director Pat Thompson.

• Approved hiring Cassandra Gerstandt in the auditor/recorder’s office at an hourly rate of $19.25.

• Approved pay raises for Veterans Affairs Director Kevin Huseboe (from $18.50 per hour to $20.09) and assistant director Joan Watson due to the completion of certification requirements.

• Approved the city of Marshalltown’s appointment of non-resident Judy Lindholm, a resident of rural Marshall County, to serve on the public library’s board of trustees

• Approved a memorandum of understanding between Central Iowa Community Services and Marshall County.

• Approved a resolution allowing the auditor/recorder to make advance payments when the board is not in session under certain circumstances.

• Approved the abatement of taxes for 12 properties and mobile homes now owned by the city of Marshalltown.

• Approved the following fund transfers in one motion: a quarterly transfer of no more than $700,000.00 from Rural Services Fund to Secondary Road Fund, but not to exceed the maximum transfer yet be above the minimum transfer amount required by Iowa code 331.429(b); an annual transfer from LOST revenue in the Rural Services Fund to the Secondary Road Fund in the amount of $785,993.43; an annual transfer totaling no more than $3,477.46 from County Attorney Collection Incentive Fund to General Basic Fund for County Attorney office cleaning expense; a one-time transfer from Capital Projects Fund to Conservation Land Acquisition Trust Fund in the amount of $251,095.38. Insurance Money for Trees; a one-time transfer from Capital Projects Fund to Conservation Basic Fund, in the amount of $2,113.38 — insurance money for signs; and a one-time transfer from Conservation Basic Fund to Conservation Land Acquisition Trust Fund in the amount of $176,818.81 for insurance money on canoes, sculpture, trees & FEMA funds for Three Bridges.


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