Bobcat Social Emotional Learning nights

Families interested in learning more about mental health topics should check out the Bobcat Parents Social Emotional Learning Nights, which will be starting in September.

The six events planned for this year will focus on a variety of subjects to help families better understand and acquire skills to talk with children. Marshalltown Community School District works in partnership with Cook Center for Human Connection, an organization centered on mental health support and resources, to plan these events.

All of the six events will be free, open to families and held at the Welcome Center. Each one will have a free meal being served at 5:30 p.m. with the educational program starting at 6 p.m. These events will be offered in both English and Spanish.

Families interested in attending will need to register by clicking on the event link. The following is the schedule and information on the 2023-24 events:

• What Parents Need to Know About Suicide Prevention – Sept. 20

Join us as we discuss Dr. Greg Hudnall’s suicide prevention strategies, including knowing the warning signs, what to say or not say and where you can go for help.

English – cookcenter.info/Sep20Marshalltown

Spanish – cookcenter.info/Sep20MarshalltownSp

• Bullying: Stop the Cycle – Oct. 18

Over the past several years bullying is a growing problem. Learn from Dr. Melissa Lopez-Larson as she teaches parents how to identify bullying, how to stop the bullying cycle and strategies for prevention.

English – cookcenter.info/Oct18Marshalltown

Spanish – cookcenter.info/Oct18MarshalltownSp

• ABCs of Substance Use & Vaping – Dec. 13

Are you a parent who wants to know more about substance abuse and vaping? Learn how to spot the signs your child may be vaping or becoming addicted to substance use. Learn to ask the right questions, spot the basic signs and learn to communicate with your child.

English – cookcenter.info/Dec13Marshalltown

Spanish – cookcenter.info/Dec13MarshalltownSp

• Grief: The Healing Process After Loss – Jan. 17

Grief is a lifelong process that allows us to heal from losses and redefine ourselves into the present. Learn from Dr. Ayanna Abrams and Dr. Ted Wiard as they explain the five phases of grief and the importance of experiencing each phase to start the healing process. Learn what is normal, how grief builds scars of wisdom and how we can move forward.

English – cookcenter.info/Jan17Marshalltown

Spanish – cookcenter.info/Jan17MarshalltownSp

• De-Escalating Cycles of Conflict – Feb. 21

Some parents feel like they’re stuck in a constant cycle of conflict with children. Learn strategies to have more calm and productive conversations with children by breaking the cycles of conflict.

English – cookcenter.info/Feb21Marshalltown

Spanish – cookcenter.info/Feb21MarshalltownSp

• Building your Child’s Confidence – April 17

Children are continuously trying to understand their place in the world and how they fit in with family, friends and other relationships. Join this session to learn strategies parents can use to help children develop a confident and healthy identity.

English – cookcenter.info/Apr17Marshalltown

Spanish – cookcenter.info/Apr17MarshalltownSp

Individuals with questions about the Bobcat Parents Social Emotional Learning Nights can email Cretsinger at mcretsinger@marshalltown.k12.ia.us.


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