Welcome (Bienvenido) UPH-Marshalltown!

When economic/community developers review significant factors that are considered by companies and site selectors when making expansion and development decisions; the two factors that always rise to the top of the list are Education and Healthcare. Companies and site selectors want to know that they will be going to a community that values its’ education and healthcare systems. With there being a strong emphasis on a communities workforce capabilities, and the demographics of our society becoming more aged; the strength of a communities education and healthcare systems become even more important to company and site selection decisions.

Well, May 1, 2017 brought with it new healthcare opportunities for Marshalltown and the entire region with the official first day of UnityPoint Health-Marshalltown. UPH-Marshalltown is a veritable “turning over a new leaf,” if you will, for healthcare opportunities in Marshalltown. I didn’t count the number of times, but UnityPoint Health-Waterloo President/CEO Pam Delagardelle mentioned the word “culture” numerous times during her address to the employees of the new UPH-Marshalltown. A company’s culture is a big deal; and also can tell a lot about the company and the people that make up the company. Culture is obviously a very important part of what makes UnityPoint Health tick. In the words of Delagardelle: “we are working to create a culture where leaders can lead, physicians can practice, staff have careers, and patients have the best possible care and outcome every time!”

Culture is a big part of who we are also here at the Marshalltown Regional Partnership; and of who we are as a community. Marshalltown is a community that is not afraid to differentiate ourselves and show pride in our differences. As I always say, “it’s our differences that make us unique and make us stronger as a community.” It’s our differences that help us positively stand out when we are working with companies, site selectors, and prospective employees to our community. In short, our differences are our strength.

This is who we are UnityPoint Health; we are a diverse community, that’s not afraid to differentiate ourselves and that is proud of our past and extremely excited about our future!

And as I say “Welcome (Bienvenido)” to UPH-Marshalltown, I also want to say thank you to all those involved with Central Iowa Healthcare over the past year and a half and those involved with the transition to UnityPoint Health-Marshalltown in the more recent past … all of your contributions and efforts have not gone unnoticed. #MarshalltownVibe #MarshalltownPride


David Barajas is the CEO of the Marshalltown Regional Partnership.


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