Working toward the best outcome every time

You may have heard that UnityPoint Health-Marshalltown is an affiliate of UnityPoint Health-Waterloo. It means the two organizations are officially connected or are partners.

But why Waterloo? Why was UnityPoint Health-Waterloo, including president and CEO Pam Delagardelle, present during the Central Iowa Healthcare bankruptcy proceedings and now guiding the direction of UnityPoint Health-Marshalltown?

It’s because healthcare leadership in Waterloo conducted a thorough review and recognized potential in Marshalltown to keep care local. They saw many similarities between the two communities, particularly the diversity that we enjoy.

Pam has a nursing career that spans four decades and has excelled at motivating others to reach her level of excellence since moving into a leadership role. She reinvigorated Grundy County Memorial Hospital during her time as president and CEO from 2003-12, raising the quality of patient care, employee commitment and increasing patient satisfaction to earn state-wide accolades.

With a devotion to keep healthcare local, she has continued on that course as president and CEO of UnityPoint Health-Waterloo. Because of the noted similarities, physicians, providers and staff also have the necessary knowledge and experience to course correct Marshalltown, alongside the board of Directors and me.

Delivering the best outcome for every patient every time is our vision and providing high quality healthcare services is our top priority. But it’s not our only priority. We have to deliver care in an efficient and cost-effective manner. What good is world-class care if we can’t afford to provide it and our patients can’t afford to receive it?

UnityPoint Health-Waterloo has confidence in Marshalltown team members to provide quality clinical outcomes. When both organizations work together, financial concerns can be corrected and operational efficiencies will be achieved. We will reduce the need for patients to travel for healthcare by investing in our community and building a stable provider network.

Everyone in Waterloo is committed to seeing UnityPoint Health-Marshalltown thrive and promises to offer advanced support when needed.

UnityPoint Health-Allen Hospital has earned a stellar reputation and is the healthcare facility of choice for more patients in northeast Iowa than any other hospital.

Truven Analytics has put Allen Hospital on the list of Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospitals in the country because of superior clinical outcomes while spending approximately $2,000 below average per bypass surgery, $1,000 below average per heart attack patient admitted and sending patients home quicker.

Allen Hospital has also recently made Truven Analytics’ list of Top 100 Hospitals because of overall performance in 10 key areas. Becker’s Hospital Review added recognition as a 100 Great Community Hospital and placement on the list of 100 Hospitals with Great Heart Programs.

The physicians and staff who earned those accolades are now either providing care directly to patients in Marshalltown or are working closely with their new counterparts who do. It is a team of colleagues organized for the purpose of sharing best practices and valuable experience.

It is also understood that UnityPoint Health-Marshalltown is more than a hospital, and we value every interaction we have with patients whether it’s at the Marshalltown Medical Park, Conrad, State Center or Tama and Toledo. This aligns with UnityPoint’s goal of enhancing well-being, truly preventing serious illness and keeping our communities healthy.

On behalf of our team at UnityPoint Health-Marshalltown and our colleagues at UnityPoint Health-Waterloo, we’re happy to be working together and making progress toward our vision of providing the best outcome for every patient every time.


Dustin Wright is president of UnityPoint Health-Marshalltown.