Here’s to the graduates!

This month we salute the Class of 2018 — these young men and women from Central Iowa who have worked dilligently, excelled academically and have showcased their talents in a variety of ways that we can all be proud of.

As they prepare to embark on a new adventure, I offer the following from lyricist Mindi Dickstein:


There’s a life

That I am meant to lead

A life like nothing

I have known

I can feel it

And it’s far from here

I’ve got to find

it on my own

Even now I feel its heat upon my skin.

A life of passion that pulls me from within,

A life that I am

making to begin.

There must be somewhere

I can be



I’ll find my way

I’ll find it far away

I’ll find it in the unexpected

and unknown

I’ll find my life

in my own way


Here I go

And there’s no turning back

My great adventure

has begun

I may be small

But I’ve got giant plans

To shine as greatly

as the sun

I will blaze until I find my time and place

I will be fearless,


modesty and grace

I will not disappear

without a trace

I’ll shout and start a riot

Be anything but quiet

Christopher Columbus

I’ll be Astonishing



At Last


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