Be a reflection

Starting back to school this year, especially during COVID-19, is going to look different this year. We know that. Administrators, principals, staff and teachers are discovering ways to teach and reach children in new and creative ways.

People don’t have to look far on social media to find people complaining about the decisions being made by educational leaders. Parents — remove negative comments. Try to view the current situation from the eyes of an educator.

Words from an educator:

“I know a lot of teachers are apprehensive with starting school tomorrow. What if the kids get sick? What if staff get sick? What if we can’t teach in person? What if we can’t teach so well online?

Let’s try this: What if we walk in that building and expect an amazing year? What if we support one another with extra grace and compassion? What if we just do our best and love those kids like it’s the last day we might be teaching them for a while?

I’m beyond excited to see these students tomorrow. I have worries too, but I am going into that building with a smile on my face (under my mask) and I’m going to just be present for every single student I come into contact with. So proud of the staff I work with and can’t wait for us to rock this school year,” Jennifer Konomi, IRVECA board member, said.

What if we, as parents, approached the re-opening of school with the same grace and compassion as Konomi did? What if we, as parents, approached the school year with the same excitement and enthusiasm as many of our kids do on the first day of school or when reuniting with friends? What if we, as parents, use our voices for praise and not a complaint?

Let us all be the reflection of the attitudes and behaviors we want to see in the children.


Carrie Kube, Iowa River Valley Early Childhood Area director. Contact Kube at iarivervalleyeca@gmail.com.


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