Marshalltown More Than Ever

On behalf of the city of Marshalltown, Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce and Vision Marshalltown, we’d like to share with you the new Marshalltown tagline.

What is the reason for our story?

Our objective was to focus in on the Marshalltown story. We noticed that people struggled to explain or showcase the great community we live in. We knew there were so many pieces to our story that it was making it hard to communicate. We also knew that if we came up with that narrative, we could capitalize on a shared message. It would bring us great pride to be able to stand proudly and loudly tell our story.

Why is community branding important?

• It attracts people to your community because it’s what they see

• Represents your values and beliefs

• It uncovers something that is already there

• Identify what makes your community unique

• Is a rally cry for whole community to tell the same story

• Tells the quality of life story in a consistent way

• Your brand sells pride to your residents and sell benefits to potential residents

• Brand strengthens a community voice inside and out of the community

Our Marshalltown objectives

We wanted our tagline to identify us, to be a short phrase that celebrates our history, is aspirational, and is memorable. To develop the Marshalltown tagline, we collected community suggestions, stories about the community, and hired Amperage Marketing and Fundraising to create a tagline that fit Marshalltown. 

Marshalltown More Than Ever celebrates our rich history that includes century business like Taylor’s Maid-Rite, Lennox, Willard’s Fine Furs, Hellberg’s, and Emerson.

Marshalltown More Than Ever identifies with our focus on world-class education. As a state leader in our business and education partnerships, our STEM offerings, dual credits, community college, and our rich diversity. 

Marshalltown More Than Ever highlights the rich collaborations. From fundraising to community development, we have a history of stepping up with people, resources, and funding.

Marshalltown More Than Ever aspires continued growth of our community, creating enriching experiences, rebuilding our downtown, and enhancing our overall quality of life.

Marshalltown More Than Ever is more than just a tagline. It is a story. And a story that is told in multiple formats. We’ve created recruiting flyers for businesses to use. See the handout in this issue. Now, businesses can recruit employees to their company and  our community. Highlighting the great things we have to offer to live, learn, and play in Marshalltown. No longer do employers have to worry about how to articulate the great things we have to offer. Now, the story is written.

Marshalltown More Than Ever is more than a business tool. It’s a community pride tool also. It’s a story meant for every one of us. Messages of the vibrant arts and culture, the abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation, and enriching quality of life aspects.

Marshalltown more Than Ever is more than the city of Marshalltown. It is the people, businesses, and things that make Marshall County a great place to start your career, raise a family, or retire leisurely.

What next?

To help businesses with their marketing efforts, we have made the files available on the Chamber website. Download the PDF file to print or we’ll send you the working files to include your logo and company information. Remember, these materials are intended to work with your business.

Please help by sharing our social media content and advertisements as you see them in the community. Use the hashtag #MarshalltownMoreThanEver when you see something that sets us apart from other communities. Marshalltown, More Than Ever, is an inclusive and collaborative community. We need your help spreading our great messages!

On behalf of the City, Chamber, and Vision Marshalltown, thank you for joining us in this celebration of the new tagline and the next step in celebrating our community.  Marshalltown More Than Ever!


Kyley Leger is the Executive Director

for Vision Marshalltown.


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