Why I’m running for District 1 Grundy County Supervisor

First, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to reach out to your readership community to provide some idea what my motives and plans are for entering the race for Grundy County Supervisor. I’ve frequently told my kids, “Any time you are in the newspaper after high school, and you’re not in the police blotter, you must be doing something right.”

At the most basic level, my interest in becoming a Supervisor is rooted in my desire to serve the public interest. I was raised on a farm in Iowa, have a strong Faith background, and through that have learned to value hard work and helping others. Thus far, my ability to demonstrate that locally has been limited to volunteer activities – serving on the Conrad Public Library Board for 10 years, volunteering in some aspect for many Black Dirt Days celebrations, plus many years on Church committees and in the choir.

As a second note, it is likely we would not be having this conversation if I were not working at Ritchie Industries in Conrad. As an employee owned company our Core Focus is ‘Creating Growth and Ownership Opportunities within our Communities.’ That includes dedication to our local community and helping it thrive and the Supervisor position plays a vital role in how our local future unfolds.

I would like to make it clear from the outset that, should I successfully achieve the votes needed to win this election, my plan is to represent the constituents in my district to the best of my ability. I do not have any personal pet projects and will seek out ideas and concerns from the people I represent to guide the direction of the county.

That said, I do have a few areas of interest that I have found resonate with people that I have talked to over the years. Information availability in the County must improve. In my 24 years in the county there has been limited ability for anyone with a typical day job to stay informed, since nearly all meetings and public hearings take place during those working hours.

Today’s technology can keep people connected in amazing ways around the world, however several local elected leaders have chosen to not embrace any forms of additional communication with the public. Other than voting, the other major item your readers could do that would be helpful is communicate with their Supervisor that more visibility of County proceedings is high on their list of priorities too.

I hold what most would consider ‘typical conservative values.’ That includes being fiscally responsible in government spending. Grundy County has done well to maintain reasonable property tax rates while providing above average road maintenance among our peer Iowa Counties. I remember when I first moved to my current home and was commuting to work in Marshalltown, it was painfully obvious in the winter months where road clearing responsibility shifted to Grundy County. That is no longer the case and is a tribute to the teams in charge of road maintenance.

Finally, I see economic growth and support for small businesses as essential to curb the national trend of declining rural populations. Business development is needed both inside and outside agriculture to keep our local Communities and economies strong. We need more businesses opening, employing our families and creating opportunities for our future generations to stay home whether it is to farm, work at a small business, or even open their own business.

For those wanting to know more and stay informed of my campaign, you can look me up on Facebook ‘Shane Jacobson – Candidate for Grundy County Supervisor District 1’. I would love to hear from more people on their priorities for the County – catch me when you can or email me at ShaneJCampaign@gmail.com.

Shane Jacobson of rural Conrad is a candidate for the District One seat on the Grundy County Board of Supervisors.


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