Why I’m running for District 1 Grundy County Supervisor

As a kid growing up in the 80’s, my mom was a Grundy County Supervisor for 12 years. I learned first hand the dedication, and experience needed to serve in the position. What experience do I have that can reassure voters they can be confident in my abilities, if elected as Grundy County Supervisor?

I am a lifelong resident of District 1, born and raised on a farm near Beaman. A fourth generation farmer, farming the land my great grandpa, grandpa, and dad all farmed. Managing my own farm operation, I have a deep understanding of how vital farming is to our area. I am very familiar with the entire district. It may include the towns of Beaman and Conrad, but District 1 also has many miles of roads that need to be kept in good condition. From the county highways, to the miles and miles of gravel roads, dozens of bridges, and culverts, that are all crucial for farm to market operations within the county. I have established relationships with many area farmers, and feel they would be comfortable coming to me with their concerns, needs, and suggestions.

In addition to farming, I am a small business owner. I recently retired from the construction trade, after running a successful construction company for over 20 years. I also have a small auto and tractor restoration business. I understand the success of small businesses is critical to the economy at every level. When people support local businesses it improves the infrastructure. Those businesses have a significant contribution to the local tax base, which helps pay for roads and schools in the community.

Because of that understanding, I have always been a loyal supporter of our Grundy County businesses. I am able to get almost everything I need for my farming operation, business, and personal needs, right here in the county. Doing business within the county, I have built strong relationships with business owners, and their employees. Those people all know they can depend on me.

I have experience leading in local government, and have spent much of my time being involved in the community. I served on the Beaman City Council for 2 years, was elected Mayor of Beaman, serving in the position for 7 years. I was on the BCLUW School Board for 8 years, and was a member of the Beaman Betterment Club for many years. In addition, I currently serve as a Clay Township Trustee. Through my experience in these rolls, I have gained valuable knowledge about public funds, and have proven myself to be a fiscally conservative leader with a common sense approach. When dealing with public funds, I ask a lot of questions, helping me make well formed decisions.

Being self employed, and retired from my construction business, I have the time needed to be a devoted Supervisor. I am fully committed to work hard for you, be present, attend meetings, fulfill committee expectations, and will be readily available to meet with the citizens of District 1 when needed.

For these reasons, voters can be confident in my ability to serve as their County Supervisor.

If you would like to stay up to date, with voting reminders and campaign highlights, feel free to follow and like my page on Facebook, LJ Kopsa – Candidate for Grundy County Supervisor – District One.

LJ Kopsa of Beaman is a candidate for the District One seat on the Grundy County Board of Supervisors.


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