Rod Blum deserves another term in Congress

Most Iowans feel Congress is broken and desperately needs fixing.

Talk to just about any voter and they will cite some of these most commonly heard reasons they feel this way – partisanship is at an all-time high and Congress is out of touch with the average person.

However, Rod Blum has not only pointed out some of those same concerns Iowans have, he is actually doing something about it.

Blum, the first-term U.S. Congressman serving Iowa’s First District has stumped throughout the region meeting with constituents. He tells folks Congress is out of touch with their six-figure salaries, first class flights, luxury leases on cars, partisan politics, lucrative pensions Cadillac healthcare plans and a promise of a fat-cat job as a lobbyist after they retire from Congress.

To prove he is listening to Iowans, Blum has spearheaded the effort to change the culture of “Business As Usual” in Washington, DC by acting.

For example, Blum took the Republican lead along with Democrat Gwen Graham of Florida to sponsor a ban on taxpayer-funded first class flights and long term luxury car leases that Congress has enjoyed even while many Iowans can’t even find a job.

He also co-sponsored legislation to end pensions for Congress and to freeze their pay.

Blum was so upset with Congress and the Administration for not getting a budget deal, he has refused to take a paycheck until Congress does its job.

Congressman Blum stands for personal responsibility and believes government shouldn’t do for citizens what they can do for themselves. By the same token, he realizes government is needed to help people in trouble for a short time until they can get back on their feet but believes the success for government should be measured by helping those people become self-sufficient and not by how many people who become dependent on government.

He also believes in a constitutionally limited government, a balanced budget, free markets, competition and sanctity of life.

Congressman Blum has proven he listened to Iowans during his first term. When he went to Washington, he did what he said he would do he voted to change the culture there.

We believe he deserves another term and look forward to him continuing his efforts in reforming Congress and representing the interests of Iowans. It is for these reasons the Times-Republican endorses Rod Blum for re-election to Congress.