The seasonal bells are ringing again

The sound of bells signals that The Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign is once again in full swing.

If one needed any further evidence that the holiday season is at hand, the appearance of the familiar bell ringers and the launch of this year’s fundraising drive certainly provides proof.

The holidays are a time for generosity. The Salvation Army hopes to tap into that seasonal goodwill in a big way.

The success of this campaign influences the group’s ability all year to carry out its efforts to assist those whom the fates have dealt a hard life. A significant percentage of the annual budget comes from this Christmas campaign. A successful fundraising drive will make it possible for The Salvation Army to keep its vital programs operating optimally in the months ahead.

There are locations throughout Marshalltown where bell ringers will be on hand to accept donations.

Don’t be tempted to walk past these kettles without making some contribution. Many of the least fortunate members of our community will face a bleak 2018 if the kettles aren’t filled generously.

The Times-Republican urges everyone to make this year’s campaign a magnificent success.