Second Ward voters deserve to pick their own candidate

The right of the Second Ward voters to vote for their city government representative has nothing to do with whether an appointed person won an election following his/her appointment to the city council. It also has nothing to do with the parties seeking severance from the city, or the person who turned in the petition. The story should be about the right of the people in the Second Ward to choose their own representative. The appointment process should never be used when you have a city population qualified to vote. “Saving money” should never be used to justify an appointment process over an election. How much money is your vote worth? “Saving time” is also no excuse for denying a person the right to vote. Forty-seven percent of the people who voted in this past November’s election would like to see the city move in a different direction than it has in the recent past. The city council, mayor and administrator hopefully recognize this schism and will give EVERYONE their due consideration while moving the city forward. The voters of the first, third, and fourth wards have elected their own ward council member – the Second Ward should not be denied this same right, or discouraged from using it. If you live in the Second Ward get out and vote. Show “the city” that this is not a waste of time and money.