Disagrees with immigration letter

“Bible is an immigration handbook” letter by a local preacher, Scott Lothe.

He uses a lot of hyperbole in trying to get his point across. What a stretch to equate a stranger in our land to a horde of millions of people that break our laws and cross our borders illegally.

You incorporated the Levite tribe in the immigration battle because they had no land. Shame on you! That’s God’s doing, God called out the Levites to be the Priesthood and to guide the Israelites. God did not give the priesthood any inheritance because it was the duty of the Israelites to take care of them, for the work of the priesthood was to administer God’s law to the Israelites, proper sacrifice, moral conduct, tabernacle service and the list goes on and on.

Every verse you quoted has nothing to do with immigration and mob rule, but is an admonishment from God to treat all law abiding people fair. How do I know this? Because the 10th commandment tells us not to covet anything that is thy neighbors, and Jesus telling us to obey the law and those put in authority over us.


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