Positive response to Cath Lab letter

I read with interest the Letter to the Editor in the June 29 T-R by Gerald Ralston entitled “Cath Lab -minutes or hours” as his story is also my story. Some years ago I wrote a letter of support that the Cath Lab be permitted to be built in Marshalltown. With a family history of heart disease I wrote “it’s not a matter of if I will need this service, but when.” Then a few years later in 2012 it happened.

On a Saturday morning I suffered a blood clot and 100 percent blockage of a major coronary artery. The ambulance was called and I was met at the ER by an experienced and prepared staff who along with Dr. Choke took me directly to the Cath Lab. The clot was removed, a stint was placed and I was back to work two weeks later while undergoing Cardiac Rehab at MMSC under the watchful eye of Rose Groetlescheun.

Six years later I have been able to witness many family events including weddings and the birth of my grandson. I too, would not have survived a transfer to Waterloo, Des Moines or anywhere else. The loss of the Cath Lab should not be minimized. There are many of us that would not be here now if not for this facility and the dedicated staff that manned it. To me this facility was and should remain an important community resource.