MCT is wonderful for youth involvement

In May my daughter auditioned for a part in the Wizard of Oz. From the moment my 11-year-old daughter took the stage to audition, (while I white-knuckled it in my seat, watching) through to the final show, she was shown incredible amounts of patience, constructive criticism spoken to her at her level, mixed with incredible amounts of encouragement, kindness and helpful techniques for her to not only grow as a performer but as a young lady!

I’ve been around many volunteer-run events. From sports, board meetings to fundraisers but never have I seen so many people so willingly donate so much of their free time, to create these productions. Parents that have no children in Marshalltown Community Theatre anymore, are still there, helping in some capacity. The family feel the MCT has is incredible. The communication and scheduling through the show’s entirety were impeccable.

Thank you, Rick Gooding (director), Karen Roessler and Becky Moundson (assistant directors), and everyone in the production crew, for your time, knowledge and expertise you so generously gave to this production. It was a joy to be a part of as a cast member, as a parent volunteer, and the show was thoroughly enjoyable to watch, as part of the audience.

Whether you’ve been to a production put on by the MCT or been active somehow in the MCT, know you can be so proud of the program we have here. Everyone in Marshalltown should be proud. As a parent, I’m so glad our town has this wonderful place for our youth to get involved in.