Scouting for Food a success

Last month during the week of October 12-20, the Boy Scouts of America and the Prairie Winds district held their annual Scouting for Food drive. This year the food drive was that much more important because of the July 19 tornado. It was the Boy Scouts turn to step up and help the community. Partnering with Hy Vee and the Emergency Food Box, the Prairie Winds Scouts had a very successful campaign in 2018.

In 2018 the food drive has grown and changed from the original plan. The Boy Scouts started doing “Scouting for Food” for over 25 years ago and has been led by local scout leader, Greg DeSauliners. Using his blue print, we have continued to put out stickers in the community informing residents that they can donate food at Hy Vee or leave a box out on their front porch the following Saturday. We have added to this blueprint by having Scouts at Hy Vee throughout the week to encourage people to donate. We also have been able to accept monetary donations that we turn into gift cards to Hy Vee for the Food Box.

After the tornado, the Emergency Food Box changed their rules and allowed families to get food more frequently. This was causing a shortage, and the need for the food drive was at an all time high. With the help of District Chair, Tom McCoy, we strategically covered Marshalltown by having different units cover certain areas. Scouting also had support of local community members as well: Joe Levis, Deb Heil, Israel Becerra, Greg DeSauliners and Ric Anderson. Participating Units were as follows, Packs: 304, 308, 314, 317, 329, 391, 394 and 409 also Troops: 308, 310, 316, 317, 324, 329, 334 and 394.

This was the most successful year. The community stepped up and crushed the 2017 numbers. In 2017, we received 6,000 items and $1,000. This year we collected 7,534 items and nearly $2,000! The Boy Scouts of America and the Prairie Winds District would like to thank everyone who donated to the event, and a special thanks to the Emergency Food Box, Hy Vee and the local residents who also helped.


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