Concrete or steel to build the wall?

The Republicans are at it again, whenever they have a bad idea, they say the Democrats started it (like saying President Barack Obama proposed the wall 10 years ago). I think the idea of a wall dates back at least 200 years. Illegal immigration has always been a problem. Back then, intelligent leaders would see the problem, discuss and work to resolve it. The idea of a wall is nothing new. I am sure they would have discussed and rejected it‚ they didn’t build it.

Now we have a leader with the mentality of a 5 year old. I recently read an editorial where the writer was promoting the wall as a good thing. He cited several examples of walls to protect cities throughout history. He thought they were a good deterrent against their enemies. He implied they worked great right up to the time their invaders smashed them down and overran “the city”. That’s when he lost me. If we succumb to President Donald Trump’s fantasy, then there are other considerations, such as, should the wall be concrete or steel?

I personally think steel. When our legislators decide the wall is doing no good and is nothing but a terrible eyesore, they will decide to tear it down. A concrete wall would take heavy equipment and the ruble and debris would have to be buried or hauled off at a cost of mere billions. A steel wall would tear down easier and could be recycled.

There is a good point about the situation though, building the wall would create thousands of jobs for the immigrants and in a few years, thousands more to demolish it.