Marshalltown Strong is evident

I just wanted to say “thanks” to all those who sent retirement cards in response to the ad in the T-R back in December. It was great to hear from so many of you – I’ve been kind of waiting to send this thank you because cards have still been trickling in. I miss you great customers and co-workers that I was blessed to serve and work with for those 36 years at the two Hy-Vee stores, so I appreciate all the greetings that I have received. Thank you very much.

I drove around part of the downtown recently. It hurt to see so much of the city still in such disarray following last July’s tornado. I saw buildings gone, buildings boarded up, damaged buildings as yet untouched, houses still covered with tarps and stumps of trees still standing as a testament to the storm’s powerful destruction. As much as it hurt to see all the damage to the community’s physical structure, I know it has made the spirit of Marshalltown stronger and I salute all those who have led the way to bring the city through this trying time and all those who have contributed in some small way to the rebuilding effort. It will take a long time for the physical recovery but Marshalltown Strong has already bound the city together and will see the city emerge stronger and better than ever. This is being shown the past two weeks as the community came together to support the Brown family with their loss of Corey. I just saw on the news about the great memorial donations to the Animal Rescue League in Marshalltown – a great way to remember Corey by giving to something that he loved. We are preparing our donation to send in also.


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