There’s a reason new people aren’t coming here

Our taxes have gone up to fund the new police/fire station. IVCCD has a bond vote coming up on April 2 that would raise taxes even more — don’t forget to vote. Alliant has just announced a substantial increase in gas and electric costs. I won’t get more in my social security or my wages to cover these cost of living increases. It contributes to a quality of life decrease.

Retail opportunities have left, medical services seem to be in a constant decline, the police don’t treat regular citizens well and people drive with no insurance or licenses. I recently visited with a local minister and he said the number of Marshalltown’s undocumented immigrants is grossly understated.

Economic Development officials just can’t figure out why new people won’t move into town or continue living here. More workers live out of town and commute in and send their kids to out-of-town schools. Steadily increasing taxes, drug trafficking, lack of doctors and medical services, decreasing retail offerings, unsafe driving conditions — what more could you want?

They need to work with the input of the middle class and the retirees. We are a good portion of the taxpayers. Everyone needs to look to the future and improvements, but the hard realities of today can’t be ignored. Florida, Texas, Missouri and Arkansas all have much lower taxes and utilities. I have more and more friends who are leaving the Midwest for states with lower taxes and more affordable housing. It is disheartening.