Congress should be better protecting us

On June 6, our 1944 D-Day World War II heroes were honored. They were called by many the greatest generation in our country’s history. A group of U.S. Army rangers scaled one of the cliffs in re-enactment and said even with much better ropes, they had a hard time and they did it without bullets or grenades showering down on them.

Seeing some of the vets, now in their 90’s, able to attend and hear their comments was emotional for me and I’m sure it was for others seeing the news program.

Our schools and universities have done a disservice to our young students by not teaching American history. Most have no idea how our country came to be, let alone about the

Constitution or Bill of Rights. This country never kept any land we helped to free — only asked for enough ground to bury our dead who couldn’t be brought back home. Our country saved Europe and then helped to re-build it after the war.

The president and everyone in Congress currently serving should have the safety of our country and its citizens as their first priority. How can anyone, regardless of party, turn a deaf ear and blind eye to what’s happening at our border? Women and children have been assaulted. Young girls have been given birth control pills so they won’t get pregnant. A lot of human trafficking has been reported. One day alone enough fentanyl — a very deadly drug — was apprehended to kill 57 million people. Border Patrol has been asking and begging for help. Some people are sick when they arrive at the border and sickness such as TB, sexual diseases, measles, etc. have been reported — even typhoid. In May alone, about 144,000 people were apprehended at the border. We don’t even know how many Border Patrol weren’t able to apprehend and have entered our country illegally. I.C.E. only goes after known criminals such as MS13 or other know gang members who prey on communities after entering illegally. How irresponsible is Congress for allowing this to happen? How dangerous is this? Do we really want another 9/11?

I am appalled to see cities in California where hundreds of people are living on the streets with feces, wine and needles everywhere. Diseases are spreading there, also affecting some of our police officers. This isn’t the state I left years ago.

If the people voted in to govern and protect our country and the citizens are not doing the job they were entrusted to do, they should no longer be in the position they now hold for they have blood on their hands.