Release impaired waters report

Finally, we know why the Department of Natural Resources has been delaying the 2018 impaired waters report:

Since 2016, Iowa’s water has gotten worse, not better. The agricultural industry is to blame and has managed to avert negative information like this from disseminating over and over. The Iowa River that runs through Marshalltown is now even more impaired from all the way up near Iowa Falls until it reaches down to the Coralville Reservoir, much of which comes from E coli from manure spills by giant factory farming operations combined with the runoff from fields treated with manure.

Big Ag is contaminating our water. For the past two years, there has been a bill in the state legislature calling for a moratorium on factory farms in order to address this water quality crisis. And for the past two years, our Rep. Dean Fisher has opposed it and refused last year to even allow the bill to move to a hearing, even after hundreds contacted him to do so.

Please urge Rep. Fisher to act on this.


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