Road would destroy peaceful Hospice setting

People go to Iowa River Hospice to die in a beautiful, tranquil setting with loving family members and care givers at their side.

The City of Marshalltown wants to destroy that peaceful setting by extending Fifth Avenue south past Iowa River Hospice within spitting distance of the back door (ambulance entrance). The current utility shed and emergency generator would have to be relocated. The ambulance/patient drop off entrance would need to be reconfigured. To where and at what cost?

The natural peacefulness of the prairie, water feature, bridge and sitting areas would become worthless due to traffic noise, even with proposed barriers. This facility was intentionally placed in this setting to provide a place for patients and family to find peace and commune with God during those final days and hours before a loved one passes. A tranquil place to grieve.

The community needs this facility in this natural setting. But there has even been mention of obtaining the property needed for the road by using eminent domain. Don’t let this happen. Attend council meetings. Let your voice be heard.


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