City should utilize mission wisely

I’ve been reflecting on the Goals, Mission Statements and Values Statements of the City of Marshalltown and it’s utilization of these in dealing with various entities, including Iowa River Hospice and the proposed South Fifth Avenue extension. I present the following points for consideration.

First, the City of Marshalltown Strategic Plan Goal #4 — “Partner with citizens, for profit, nonprofit and other groups to improve quality of life.” The city has not partnered with nonprofit Iowa River Hospice which has been in it’s current location nearly 11 years. The proposed roadway will not improve quality of life for hospice patients and families; an alternate sight would enhance quality of life at this sacred time.

Second, the City of Marshalltown Mission Statement — The City of Marshalltown collaborates to provide a welcoming, safe, vibrant and growing community. There’s not been collaboration with Iowa River Hospice. Why is this? Would the city not collaborate with Marshalltown’s well known, valuable businesses if development were to impact the business? The city collaborated with Iowa River Hospice when being planned and built; why not now when proposed development will impact those served at the hospice home?

Third, the City of Marshalltown Values Statement #4 is Trust — establishing respectful relationships, and being a caring community. Actions of the City/City Administrator have not reflected this “value.” Respect includes open, honest communication leading to a sense of trust. A “caring community” would not build a roadway in the backyard of the hospice home, but rather provide peace and quiet through choosing an alternate sight.

Values and Mission Statements are meaningful, if utilized. Iowa River Hospice was “born and raised” in Marshalltown by local supporters who, years ago, had a vision of Caring and Respect for those in need. All you folks who’ve been a part of this vision; I thank you.

I agree housing and development is important, but it needn’t plow it’s way through, or near, this property. This roadway, in this location, is not required; there are alternatives available. Iowa River Hospice is a small nonprofit medical care provider, with a huge impact on members of this community and surrounding communities. It deserves consideration as other entities would be given, with respect for the type of medical care provided. I’m hopeful city leaders will use their Values and Mission statements to guide them in decision making.


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