Support our law enforcement professionals

It’s been brought to my attention that elected officials are being far too silent when it comes to supporting our law enforcement professionals during this period of civil unrest and protest. The point is well taken, and I intend to change that right now.

We the citizens of this great nation ask our law enforcement officers to go into harm’s way on a daily basis on our behalf. We ask them to insert themselves into dangerous domestic violence incidents, we ask them to subdue violent criminals who carry deadly weapons. We ask them to deal with citizens that are violent and belligerent from alcohol or drugs, we ask them to crawl into the slimy underbelly of the drug world and the human trafficking rings to attempt to stop these heinous crimes, we ask them to deal with horribly bloody accidents, we ask them to go out in the dark of night and in the foulest weather without hesitation.

We ask them to do these things on our behalf, to take the risks and often times make split second decisions when their own lives are at stake. We all sleep more comfortably, and go about our daily business with more confidence, knowing these brave men and women are always ready to protect us. We owe them our support and our respect for the difficult job they do. We must thank them for their service and sacrifice, and not place undue burdens and risks on them that we ourselves won’t take on.

The risks that law enforcement officers take on a daily basis have been heightened in many cities for the last few weeks as many have taken to the streets to riot and loot. Some of our officers have died at the hands of these criminals, and we dare not forget those sacrifices either. We owe them our gratitude for putting themselves in harm’s way as they face violent crowds of rioters in order to keep us safe.

It is sad to see that many elected officials have seen fit to accept the idea that law enforcement is systemically racist. That idea is demeaning and discriminatory towards our law enforcement officers in and of itself, and utterly false. Some cities have now gone so far as to begin work to dismantle their law enforcement departments, and remove qualified immunity protections from our law enforcement officers. That mentality is an insane idea asserted by radical Leftists and Anarchists, and it will not end well if implemented. Every civilized society throughout the world has a law enforcement agency at every level of government for a reason, it is fundamental to a free and functioning society. It is absurd to send these brave men and women into the streets to deal with criminals without our support and understanding of the risks they take, and without the protections they need when taking those risks. 

We ask a great deal of our law enforcement officers, and it must not go unrecognized. I wish to thank the law enforcement officers throughout our cities, counties, and state for the work they do. I greatly appreciate your efforts to keep our loved ones safe from harm. It’s not an easy job, and we owe you our gratitude for your sacrifice.


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