Fascism beginning in our country

This 92 year old minister, who lived during World War II, saw how fascism came into being. Hitler and the Nazi Party would tell lies — one right after another — until the people began to believe those lies. Christian people living in Germany believed those lies.

In many ways, this is what is happening in America today. People are believing the lies of our President today.

President Trump does not want to meet the needs of all Americans today. So he attacks the Democrat Party, by calling them “Socialist, Marxist.” Equality and democracy are being threatened today. The black person is being discriminated against. In Germany, it was the Jewish people.

People are not reading opinions in newspapers. People are truly believing the lies our president is telling. Fascism is beginning to take place in Iowa and in our country today.

The black person is not getting racial justice.Our freedoms are being lost. Newspapers are going out of business. People are struggling just to make a living. Tribalism is taking over. It is truly sad. God help us!


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