Don’t pass climate change legislation

John Clayton’s opinion piece about how we must act now to fight climate change is like most climate scare tactics. He lists “historic fires in California and Colorado, record rainfall flooding at Houston and river flooding in Iowa.” What year do we not have “historic” weather events? We are led to believe that when we “fight” climate change, the tornados, flooding and wildfires will be mitigated. Really?

Clayton infers that if we had started 50 years ago fighting climate change, the climate would be in better shape now. Would that “fight” have prevented the tornado that struck Marshalltown in 2018?

Gary Brandenburg, local environmentalist and conservationist, in his piece in Saturday’s T-R, summed the climate crisis best when he wrote “Just remember there is no ‘climate controlling thermostat’ that humans have any control over regarding whether the earth will get warmer or colder. If only politicians knew that simple fact, I can only wish.”

For me, doing nothing today about climate change is the better option than passing legislation and using our tax money to “fight” climate change!


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